Let's Make A Difference




For more than 30 years, the team composed at The Venue has devoted its energy to passionately teaching theater arts and its related skills. 

The Venue is more than just a theater -- it's a family of committed parents, volunteers and instructors all working toward one common goal, creating the best environment for your child or young adult. 

Find out how you or someone you know can join The Venue family.

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The Difference

Working exclusively with the youth of our community 

Our Curriculum

Upcoming events

Our Mission

There are many ways to get involved at The Venue, from helping our team plan fundraisers and events to working in the theater with costumes and set design. 

The Venue exists to provide an accepting and enriching environment for the youth of our community -- for discovery, exploration and celebration of their unique and extraordinary abilities.

Our team offers a program tailored to the unique strengths and talents of your student. With a trifecta curriculum of acting, singing and dancing, there is always more to learn and additional skills to perfect.  

Developing long-lasting life skills 


Many parents already have an innate understanding that the arts are important for their child or young adult and that nothing is greater than a child exploring his or her artistic creativity. Recent studies have shown that students involved in the arts show higher-level life skills than students who are not involved in the arts. 

Why The Arts Are important 

Meet Our Team

The Faces of The Venue

We would be nothing without the hard work of the amazing people working around the clock at The Venue. Our team includes retired teachers, industry professionals, volunteers and supporters from all walks of life, all working for the success of your youth.  

Grease Audition August 16th