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Venue Homeschool Program


Homeschool Theatre Program

WHO?: Ages 6-16!​
WHEN?: Tuesdays: 11am-12:30pm

WHERE?: The Venue Theatre

Performance Date: TBD

Show: TBD based on size and age range of group.


An opportunity for homeschoolers to connect with other creative actors in their community!
Amanda Dougherty homeschools her own children and has been teaching theatre to homeschooled students for several years.  With over 30 productions behind her, she’s heard testimony to the dramatic effect performing has on students of all ages. Some of the results she’s witnessed have been an increase in reading ability, reading comprehension, confidence, improvements in speech and movement, socialization, along with many other benefits.
With our program, students can expect to learn performance techniques, improve acting skills, learn about the many aspects of live theatre including props, costumes, lighting, staging, and grow in all the basics to hone in on their specific interests and abilities.
Because Amanda has been working with such a wide range of ages and abilities, she has learned how to place and use everyone to the best of their abilities and challenge each one just enough to help them grow.  It’s a unique opportunity for the beginner to the experienced and the young to the mature.


We invite your student to join us this semester for 90 minute classes every Tuesday, ending in a 60 minute performance!
Class time will be spent rehearsing for the performance as well as lessons and playing games that target specific skills and character development.

The 2024 Spring Season tuition is a flat, $350 per student (Early Bird Pricing through January 1st*), with a 25% discount for each additional student in the same family. There are also referral incentives** if you tell a friend and they join us this season!
Classes will begin January 9th, 2024.

**Referrals earn $25 (per enrolled student)  towards purchase of The Venue Theatre tickets to see a show

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