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2023-2024 Programs

Venue Conservatory

What is it?

The Venue Conservatory program is designed to give students a professional experience and education in theatre. This is for dedicated and talented young actors looking to hone their craft in an ensemble environment with professionally trained instructors. Instructors will cultivate an environment of growth, exploration, and creativity to teach concrete theatre skills. 

The goal of this program is to help students access a level beyond that discovered in a rehearsal process by teaching specific skills and real techniques. Each student can expect unique feedback and personalized growth opportunities based on their interests and abilities.

Through this program, young actors can expect to become seasoned performers with the confidence and expertise to succeed in any theatrical production. Unlike any program in surrounding areas,


** Invite/Audition Only


The Venue Conservatory Repertory Program Includes:

Company Style Sessions: 1 ½ - 2 hours weekly cohort sessions with trained theatre professionals working with students to develop comprehensive theatre skills. These weekly cohort meetings will include ensemble work, intensive technique training, and pre-professional development/support. Each cohort will become a tight knit community as they study together in this conservatory style program. Each performer will have the opportunity to develop a repertoire of songs, dance & acting techniques, monologues, and scenes, culminating in an end-of-year showcase.

Masterclasses: Weekly masterclasses led by Denver theatre professionals will be offered for Middle and Senior Companies in fields ranging from auditions to Fosse to makeup. Each student may select six to attend per semester. Each class will teach an intensive in a particular skill with practical application and time for students to connect with an expert in the field.

Shows: Optionally included in tuition, students can join the cast of one show per semester.

Performance Opportunities: In addition to the education, students in Rep will have performance opportunities outside of the Venue at community events, local businesses, etc.



* included for middle school four thirty minute voice lessons per semester

* included for high school students four Saturday master classes.

Middle School: Thursday 4-5pm

High School: Tuesday 4:30-6pm

The Venue Theatre

Homeschool Theatre program for ages 6-16!


Tuesdays 11-12:30 beginning September 12

An opportunity for homeschoolers to connect with other creative actors in their community!

Amanda Dougherty homeschools her own children and has been teaching theatre to homeschooled students for several years.  With over 30 productions behind her, she’s heard testimony to the dramatic effect performing has on students of all ages. Some of the results she’s witnessed have been an increase in reading ability, reading comprehension, confidence, improvements in speech and movement, socialization, along with many other benefits. 

With our program, students can expect to learn performance techniques, improve acting skills, learn about the many aspects of live theatre including props, costumes, lighting, staging, and grow in all the basics to hone in on their specific interests and abilities.

Because Amanda has been working with such a wide range of ages and abilities, she has learned how to place and use everyone to the best of their abilities and challenge each one just enough to help them grow.  It’s a unique opportunity for the beginner to the experienced and the young to the mature.

We invite your student to join us this fall for 90 minute classes every Tuesday, ending in a 30 minute performance in December during The Venue Theatre’s Holiday Cabaret!

Class time will be spent rehearsing for the performance as well as lessons and playing games that target specific skills and character development. 

The 2023 Fall Season tuition is a flat, $325 per student (Early Bird Pricing through Labor Day*), with a 25% discount for each additional student in the same family. There are also referral incentives** if you tell a friend and they join us this season!

Classes will begin the first week of September and conclude with the Holiday Cabaret on December 17th.

If you can’t join us this Fall, our slightly larger Spring session begins in January and details will be released soon!!


*After Labor Day, pricing will go up to $350 per student.

**Referrals earn $25 (per enrolled student)  towards purchase of The Venue Theatre tickets to see a show


TBD High School Play (by students and director)

Directed by Ellie Griffin

Register by 8/7! Join in the fun!

Shows in October

Cost: $400


Grades 9-12
Shows November 30-December 9, 2023


Rehearsals: Tuesday/Thursday 6-8:30pm beginning August 17th


Academy Only: $550

Show Only: $750

Academy w/ Show: $1,200 save $100 on show

Monthly payment plan ( only if necessary ) * $335 for five months- discount when you pay in full


Grade 5-8


Monday 6-7:30, Thursday 5-6pm 


Middle School Company

Academy Only: $550

Show Only: $650

Academy w/ Show: $1,100 (Save $100 on show)

Monthly payment plan ( only if necessary ) * $235 for five months- discount when you pay in full 


Grades K-5
Shows March 1-9, 2024

Monday 4:30-6 Finding Nemo

Tuesday - Conservatory 3:30-4:30 (mini -play) 


Semester Prices:

Elementary Company

Academy Only: $350

Show Only: $550

Academy w/ Show: $800

Grades 8-12
*Pre-req Venue Academy Sessions
Shows April 5-13, 2024

Rehearsals: Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-8:00pm beginning January 2024

Cost: $750 (includes registration fee)

Grades 5-8
Grades K-4 by audition
Shows May 3-18, 2024

Auditions: Wednesday February 5th 5:30-7pm

Rehearsals: Wednesdays starting February 5th 5:30-7pm (Mondays will be added after Nemo)

Cost: $650 (includes registration fee)


Grades 7-12 and alumni
June 2024

Time TBD

Cost: $650 (includes registration fee)

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