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The elementary school company is made up of students from 1st through 5th grade.

Rehearsals are every Tuesday from 4:00p - 5:30p for the early cast and from 6:00p - 7:30p for the late cast .

​Tuition is $495 plus a non-refundable $25 registration fee to reserve your student's place in class and $25 due at registration to cover one production t-shirt and one performance video.

​Tuition is payable in one of two ways: If paid with registration, 10% discount, or $445. If spread over the season, automatic $55 charge to credit or debit card each month from October through May on day of month you prefer

Rehearsal Times

Most of all, drama is fun! It brings play, humor, and laughter to learning! Drama is a fun way to build the well-roundedness essential to success in life. 


Rehearsing, memorizing and performing words, movements and cues strengthen the memory like a muscle. Reading, interpreting, practicing, and performing develop a sustained focus of mind, body and voice. Listening and observation skills are developed through quick-thinking solutions discovered during improvisational games. 


Theater enhances innate ability by fostering creativity in a group setting. This cooperative process includes discussing, negotiating, rehearsing, and performing together for the greatest benefit of all. Drama enhances verbal and nonverbal expression, improves voice projection, articulation of words and fluency of language, vastly increasing confidence and communication skills early in life.  


Risk-taking among friends and performing for an audience teach students to trust their ideas and abilities. Teamwork and self-confidence will benefit school, career, and life in general. 


If you have questions about the elementary school company contact  Joni Havens for details at:


Joni Havens


Elementary Director 

Generating original ideas and creatively interpreting familiar material in new ways are essential to drama and to all life endeavors. It was Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” 


Program Purpose & Goals  


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Adapted from Disney's beloved animated film and the works of Rudyard Kipling, the “man cub.” Mowgli, bounds through the jungle and learns what it means to be human.

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Elementary School Company 

Elementary School Company 

We're a unique yoga studio dedicated to recovering what we believe to the essence of yoga: a traditional yoga philosophy and practice available to everyone.

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